GloQ Construction & Projects Consulting no more flimsy construction, through our Batching Construction and Concrete Works.

Ms Qaqamba Selikane, Founder & Director

We have extensive experience in various phases of construction projects which include design development, tender documentation and procurement, construction documentation and management, as well as the project close out phase. GloQ’s, primary goal is to add value to clients construction projects. We partner synergistically delivering excellent project management consulting experience and providing quality services in construction works and concrete supply across all commercial & residential, and industrial & civil Projects.

Construction and Projects Solutions

We proudly execute the infrastructure and civil maintenance services. Relocating, upgrading and extension of existing storm water networks. Subcontracting on projects constructing reservoirs, pump stations and road marking etc.

Bring Quality to Your Construction with Our Concrete and aggregates solutions. CE & ISO Certified. 100% Quality Assurance. Ready Mix Concrete Plant in Stock. Production Monitoring. Logistics Service. Prompt Delivery. Standard and Custom Concrete. All your ready mix concrete requirements from the smallest job to continuous bulk supply. Supplying ready mixed concrete in both a timely and cost-effective manner.

Concrete Plant Supplier. Concrete Mixer Supplier. Success Cases. 24 Hours Service Onsite. ISO Certified. Mobile Concrete Plants that are Transportable to our clients’ site for Self-Contained Concrete Batch Supplying. Our Concrete Batching Plants are Designed For Quarry Or On-site Location manufacturing tailored to our clients Needs.

Estimating and tendering for construction work- We outline the critical determinants of construction tendering costs using the best practices  in the  Industry standardized by Experts. We have simplified & streamlined the Tender Process, Pre & Post Tender. Quantity Take-Off (QTO) Forecasting.  This service consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Planning &
  • Setup of project

Ready-Mix Concrete Products for Better Structures!

-The preferred concrete in the construction, engineering and building industry for civil construction projects.
Leading concrete products manufacturers with high standards

Building for Generations


Precast Concrete Slab Type Toilets

Ventilation Improved Pit (VIP) toilet units and toilet systems.

Precast Concrete Slabs

Used Extensively in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

TLB - Hire

TLB Hire - Daily, Weekly, Monthly Hire. machine can be used on a number of projects.

Pavers & Cobbles

Designed to carry both pedestrian and vehicular traffic but not restricted to driveway paving

Associate Members of:

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Batching Facility Solutions- Mobile Karoo Batch Plant onsite Construction.

Karoo Batch Plant Facility – Normally for commercial supply which would be established in a particular area for a longer period of time. Also, a solution for large projects that required a batch plant established on site. In order to consider setting up a batch plant on site, the volumes are a key determining factor for the viability. The cost to establish a batch plant and resources on site are priced on the project bid submission/response. Examples of projects that could need a concrete batch plant to be stablished on the construction site are:

  • High rise buildings/structures
  • Construction of big infrastructure bridges
  • Construction of dams
  • Construction of wind farms
  • Construction at water treatment plants, large reservoir
  • Large Capital projects at Mines, Wind Farms, Bridges, Dams, Roads
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Construction Consulting Services

GloQ is amongst the preferred companies in the construction, engineering and building industry to execute civil construction projects, providing consulting services.
GloQ Construction Projects has a network of business associates that are registered with various professional institutions, and project controls and management of a project flows naturally from these areas of expertise. Project Controls are the data gathering, management and analytical processes used to predict, understand and constructively influence the time and cost outcomes of a project or programme, through the communication of information in formats that assist effective management and decision making.
Project Controls and Management

Project management and analytical processes
This service consists of, but is not limited to: Commercial and contractual review of tenders, projects and ensuring that clarifications and qualifications are aligned as well as managing contract performance.
Commercial / Contractual Services

Industry & Enterprise Research & Development
We are able to provide unbiased and accurate estimates with up-to-date pricing that show the true cost of your project in current and projected construction periods. This service consists of, but is not limited to: 1. Construction Budgets, 2. Tenders, 3. Planning & Programming, and 4. Setup of project allowables.
Estimating Services

unbiased and accurate project estimates
We carry out feasibility studies, social and economic impact assessments, project structuring and procurement advise on infrastructure and property development projects. We also provide project and programme management support so that clients can seamlessly achieve the ultimate objectives of their programmes and projects.
Infrastructure Consulting

social and economic impact assessments

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We strive to be a thought leader, innovative and agile construction and projects company, GloQ Construction Projects is a 100% black woman owned company, The long-term vision of GloQ is to be amongst the largest preferred companies in the construction, engineering and building industry to execute civil construction projects, provide consulting services and tailor-made services to our clients.

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