More than ever, our world is governed by information.

How many small to medium construction organisations truly understand the power of analytics?

From observing programme management and how projects are managed from one stage to the next, much of the information developed, such as schedule, risk registers, budgets and lessons learned is archived, but it is not often used again within either the project it initially comes from and even less likely across the business for future projects.

What if the stored data could be harnessed to benchmark future delivery?

The approach to projects and programmes could be completely transformed, greater success on project delivery and new possibilities would be discovered..

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Value in lessons learned.

Many organisations have built into their project delivery planning formal procedures for capturing knowledge and lessons learned that normally comprise regular project reviews and feedback from a workshop at the end.
However, it is likely that such processes are not implemented on smaller projects with contractors who undertake smaller scopes of works where the perception may be that there is no value in the process.

Small and medium size construction companies need to see the value of and completely support efforts in creating a learning environment. Making this cultural change will allow them to break through learning barriers that may exist. Projects managers need to move from the old days of completing lessons at the end of the project.

Lessons learned need to be completed during each life cycle phase of the project while this knowledge is fresh in the mind of their project team members and while project managers have their resources available to them. Instead of archiving the data, project managers must collect, analyze, store, and disseminate this knowledge so that they effectively use their project team’s lessons learned.

The concept of analysing information that has been generated from project to project isn’t new, but the way the information is used hasn’t evolved at the same pace as the increased rate at which information is accessed at. As a result, small and medium construction businesses are sitting on goldmines that hold the very answers to the challenges that keep them awake at night.


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